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Passion project


learning objective:we are learning to plan how to make our toffee correctly and be able to follow our receipe.

Success criterea:we will be successful when we can learn how to write a receipe accuratley. And make toffee.


500 grams of suger

3/4 cup of cold water

1 tablespoon of brown vinegar



step 1

line tow 12-cups mini muffin trays with patty pans

step 2  place all ingredients in a sawcepan over medium heat and stir until suger completley dissolves.

Step 3

bring to the boil,without stirring and cook until syrup brown.  re move from heat and cool until bubbles settle.

Step 4

pour into prepared muffin trays,decorate with sprinkles and set aside to harden



1.Why did you come to Torquay?
Because I wanted us to grow up near the beach .
And our big sister Brooke was at uni in Geelong so Torqauy was a perfect place.
2.What is your greatest achievement and why?
Apart from having 3 beautiful Daughters I think looking back one of my greatest achievements was being a participant in the miss Australia Awards I Raised $60,000
For the spastic society
3.Wear were you born and when?
When 1968
Were Albury N.S.W
4.what was your First job?
Mum made donuts in a bakery she worked at while still at school.
5.what sought of books do you enjoy reading?
I love reading biography’s ,but lately I have enjoyed reading Christian books .my last book was the Redeeming love by Frances Rivers
6. Did you have a favourite t.v show growing up?
I had lots of favourite shows . It’s hard to choose , I loved bewitched ,Lavern and Shirley .



Confirmation is when you confirmt that you won’t to be in a catholic chaurch

the symbols are cross and dove


The symbols stole, cross , Roised hands,



my pets

Today I got a pet. I  got it on cyber website. and I got a pig named pinky and a monkey named bananas. I have two pigs how do you delete one of the pigs? I named the monkey bananas because it likes bananas. The monkey eats bananas. The pigs eat apple. Today I ‘m getting a guinea pig.

About me

Hi my name is Sandy and I am 10 years old. I like animals and my favourite animals are  dogs and guinea pigs. I love dogs  because they are very play full and I had a dog. He’s name was Chandy. I love Guinean pigs because I have 2 guinea pigs  named boofhead and latte and I had 2 more guinea pigs there name is Emma and Kesha but they die because a animal ate them.  And I Have 2 sisters there name is Jordy she is 10 years old. And Jordy is my thin. And my over sister name is Brooke she is 26 year old.


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