Book Review

Enchanted wood is a book about three children called Joe,Beth and Frannie and they all live in a little house and one day they went exploring in the woods. When they got there they hard a weird sound it sounded like the trees where talking.
In a chapter they where on the way to the woods and it was getting dark. Then they soar a three with a door on it. And someone came out called moon face and moon face said way are you here you? They said we are looking for somewhere to sleep. You Woke me up. joe said sorry moon face said do you have any toffee. Joe,Beth and Frannie said no. Moon face said you can go done the slippery slid. when you make toffee.
So they made toffee the next day.


book Review on picture story book.

I read a book called Davy and the ducking. It’a a book about a little boy called Davy living  on a farm.  One day he found a ducking and the duck followed Davy everywhere. Around the farmyard,after school. The ducking followed davy until Davy was old.

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