Text to self- I feel sad because they have war.
I feel happy that we can go outside and play safely.
I feel sorry for the people living in war and they don’t have any food or water.
I feel sorry for the people living in the old and burnt houses and the hard beds they sleep on.
I feel for the people who don’t have anywhere to live. In the video it makes me feel sad because there are lot’s of fire and smoke and guns.
At the end of the video it makes me feel happy because eveyone is happy and they drop their guns.

Text to text- both have people with guns and they are both poor countries.
And they both care for kids. And they don’t have food or water and they both have war.
They don’t have cool houses like Australia

Text to world-The hospital is dirty and small compared to Australia hospital because it has cleaning people for the hospital. One hunderd of nurses. In the poor countries,they have no money to buy cool houses Like Austraila. People have money to buy houses. In different courtesies, the kids don’t do to school and they don’t learn.

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